Hana el Degham, Artist
San Francisco
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Hanaa El Degham (Artist Name)

Hana Mohamed Ali Mettwaly

1977 born in Cairo, grew up in Kafr Shukr, Qalubia - Egypt.
Lives and works between Egypt and Germany.
Member of the Syndicate of Fine Artists, Cairo.
Visual arts specialist at the General Authority of Culture Palaces, Egyptian Ministry of Culture.


2012  Screenprinting and Etching Workshop with Txutxo Perez in San Francisco.

2010- 2012  Nude model art classes in Marburger Sommerakademie und Weißensee School Berlin under the supervision of  artist Martin Seidemann.

2007- 2008  Studies in drawing under the supervision of Iranian artist Schahab Mussawisade in his Atelier in Cologne - Germany.

2003- 2004  Pre-Masters Department of Art History under the supervision of

 Egyptologist Abdel Ghaffar Shedid Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt.

2000- 2001  Pre-Masters Department of Painting under  the supervision of Egyptian artist Mamdouh Ammar, Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt.

1999  Bachelor of Fine Arts -painting, Colledge of Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt.


September 2010
  Residence at Centre D'Art I Natura, Spain, Catalunya, Farrera.

  Scholarship Research Assistant - Department of Art History - Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo - Egypt.

2002  Atelier Luxor Scholarship of the General Authority for Cultural Palaces, Luxor- Egypt.


2013  - WOW project in Mansoura and Luxor.


March - Graffiti Pyramid of Crisis.

February - Port Said mural with Ammar Abo Bakr in Mahamed Mahmoud Street, Cairo.

March -'No walls' with Ammar, Layla, Moshir and others.

Juni - Egypt is not muslim brother graffiti with Ammar Abo Bakr in Berlin

September – Graffiti in Mission, San Fransisco, California, USA.

Group Exhibitions

2011  Funkenschlag at (Organ of Critical Arts) OKK in Wedding, Berlin, Germany.

2008  - Group exhibition of Atelier 13 (Charcoal - Watercolors - colors painting) Cologne, Germany.
          - 100mm 1st, Artellewa miniature arts exhibition, Cairo, Egypt.

          Exhibition of Pinhole Camera Workshop figures within Youth Salon XVII , the Palace of Arts, Opera house, Cairo.

         Festival of Egyptian Woman Creations in Contemporary Arts - Gezira Arts Center, Cairo.

        -Youth Salon XV at Palace of Arts, Opera house, Cairo.
        -Port Said National Biennale VI at Cultural Palace, Port Said.


        -Atelier Luxor - Luxor Cultural Palace, Luxor.
        -Avant-garde Exhibition Forty-second (Association of Fine Arts Lovers) Garden City, Cairo.
        -Ramadan Fair General Authority of Culture Palaces - garten elhod el marsood, Cairo - Ismailia.

         -Young Female Artists" Windows" at Khan Al Maghraby Gallery, Zamalek, Cairo.
         -Youth Salon XII at Palace of Arts, Opera house, Cairo.
         -Port Said National Biennale V at Cultural Palace, Port Said, Egypt.


             Collective exhibitions (Artists Qalyubia) - Banha Culture Palace, Egypt.

-Exhibition of the top graduated students – Faculty of fine arts, Cairo.
-94/99 Student exhibitions at faculty of Fine Arts , Cairo.
-Youth Salon XII at Palace of Arts, Opera house, Cairo.

Solo Exhibitions:

November - December 2012
: Solo exhibition at (TAK) THEATER AUFBAU KREUZBERG in Berlin, Germany.

September 2010: Centre D'Art I Natura, Farrera, Catalunya, Spain.

May 2010: Solo exhibition at Szimpla Cafe, Boxhagner Platz- Berlin, Germany.

2007 The First solo exhibition (Absence) at Artellewa Art Space, cairo, Egypt.


2013   - Held Visual art workshop in Damietta for the emerging artists, project called Face to face... from Mahatat collective.

           - Participated in Women on Walls project workshop in Mansoura and Luxor.

2007-08 Held Painting's workshops for students (Age 7 - 10) of Burgschule Bonn, Germany.

2007 Held Drawing workshop for Ard El Lewa kids during my exhibition at Artellewa art space, Cairo.

2005 Participated in pinhole camera Workshop figures within the Youth Salon XVII, Palace of Arts, Opera house, Cairo.



Walls of Freedom: Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution

Revolution Graffiti - Street Art of the New Egypt


Der Blick auf die einfachen Dinge" by Jurgen Kisters, 18.08.08 at Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. Cologne, Germany (in Germany).

Youth Salon Encyclopedia, Third Edition, edited by critic / Mohamed Hamza , produced by Fine Arts Sector.


"Windows" a group of young women artists, Egypt Today January .
Artists on the road(Injustices at the junction of Port Said) by Makram hienen Al-Ahram newspaper supplement in the Friday, February 16th, 2001 (in Arabic).